September has come and gone

I hope everyone is doing well in their sober journeys. I’ve been busy GOAL’ing, and also working like a freak. The apex of my labor is next week, where I will be doing 7am-10pm days for 3 days. I am hoping all the hard work pays off. Lots of social “cocktail hours” during the in-betweens of sessions. As a sober liver (double meaning accidental but intended), this used to stress me out. Now it’s like water off a duck’s back. And you know what? I had some high-up work folks visit a few weeks ago, and we had a cocktail hour in our office. I asked for a bottled water, and noticed that’s also what most of the execs were drinking. When you think about it – these are very high functioning professional individuals – more so that I am. They get it. Alcohol holds them back from getting shit done. It made me feel good, not to be alone in a drinking crowd.

In other news, September is almost over, and I like to at least do one post per month to make sure that I am touching base with my on-line friends who are on sober journeys as well, and also to continue the declaration that I am still not drinking! Has life gotten easier? Nope. But has life gained more clarity? Absolutely. I hope the same for everyone else.

I think alcohol is a way to ignore the purpose we are put on earth to fulfill. It’s hard for us, as humans, to acknowledge when we need to do something, and just do it. The easier path is to ignore. But things don’t come together when we fall into the fog, and live in oblivion. They actually just fall apart. I had a great quote this morning in my email feed. “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born, and the day you find out why.” It’s attributed to Mark Twain (Samuel Clemmons). Who knows if he really said it, but who cares? It’s like this – I’m not there yet with the day I find out why, but I really feel like I’m more on my way than I ever have been. And maybe that’s the fun part. Maybe we really don’t know the why until we meet our maker. So I think I’ll enjoy the path, just in case.

Another quote that I loved, by Glennon Doyle Melton (awesome new book, Love Warrior, btw, and also a recovering individual) says, “We must do what we need to do. Those who disapprove will either come around, or stop coming around. Either way, lovely.” I feel like I could have written this myself. It’s perfection and 100% truth. The main question I get asked is, “Are you done drinking forever?” My answer used to be an uncomfortable “We will see…” because I worried about what they thought, if I’d lose them, if I was being judged, etc. I realize nobody can predict forever, but I have a new response now. “That’s my goal, and what I strive for.” And that is my truth. And if they come around, SUPER. If they vaporize, SUPER. I’m good either way. I have to live my truth now, and so do you. So stand solid in your decision, and know I am right there in the trenches with you.

God’s speed, and happy October!


2 thoughts on “September has come and gone

  1. Yes. I could never see the why when I was in a haze of alcohol.
    The whole drinking culture makes a person selfish and fearful.
    Life becomes something to endure.

    Sobriety is life a rebirth. A cleansing.
    When asked I usually say I don’t need alcohol to enjoy my life…I am happy.
    most drinkers don’t have anything to say back.
    Keep updating!

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